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Empire Salon training is globally recognised as the ultimate in hairdressing education, providing you with a passport to a successful career in the international hair world. We celebrate people with a passion for hair, and once you become a member of the Empire Salon Team there are some incredible career paths that are open to you.

If you enjoy the high-energy atmosphere of a salon, the role of Creative Cutter or Color Specialist could be for you - and in time you could become a Salon Director. Are you passionate about art and design, catwalk fashion and the avant-garde? If so, your career goal could be Creative Director, dreaming up future hair trends and demonstrating each season's new hair shapes on stages around the globe as a member of the Empire Salon International Show Team. Or is your desire to become an Instructor, teaching in one of the prestigious Empire Salon Academies located in some of the world's most exciting cities?

Whatever your dream, a career with Empire Salon is the most foolproof way to make it come true.

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