Empire Salon

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Cut & Style

Experience the uniqueness of hair cutting & styling in Agra. Our expert team uses signature techniques to craft a personalized style that perfectly matches your personality, lifestyle, and hair type.

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Signature Cut

Elevate your style with our skilled hair artisans, crafting the flawless EMPIRE signature cut, tailored just for you. Indulge in a stunning blow-dry, enriched by our premium label. haircare range.

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For a swift, customized EMPIRE signature barbered cut, trust our experts. A quick and simple finish, perfectly suited to you, enriched with the finesse of our professional label. haircare products.

Afro Textured

Celebrate your unique natural textures or opt for a relaxing transformation. Our artistry creates exquisite, edgy yet practical shapes, enriched with colors that nourish, fortify, and enhance those beautiful curls.


Our color specialist will tune in to your color aspirations and requirements, all while evaluating your skin tone, eye shade, and hair texture. This personalized approach leads to the ideal EMPIRE signature hue for you in Agra.

Signature Colour

Experience an EMPIRE full head color transformation, spanning from roots to ends. Whether you desire enhanced shine, lightening, darkening, tone alteration, or white hair coverage, our color experts have the perfect solution for you.

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Signature Balayage

Indulge in an EMPIRE custom, full head application of freehand balayage. Achieve the natural, sun-kissed look or opt for striking, face-framing highlights to suit your style.

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Signature Highlights

EMPIRE's timeless highlights cascade through your hair, illuminating it with a multi-tonal effect. They can be natural, textured, or boldly vibrant, making them an excellent choice for blending white hair.

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